Rev. Henry Kett

Anonymous, in Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors (1816) 188.

HENRY KETT, B.D. Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Oxford, where he took his master's degree in 1783, and that of bachelor of divinity in 1793. He is also one of his Majesty's preachers at Whitehall, and has published a number of works, some of which have been very well received. The list of his publications, which is creditable to his judgment and industry, is as follows:

Sermons at the Bampton Lecture, 8vo, 1791. — Juvenile Poems, 8vo. 1793. — History the Interpreter of Prophecy, 3 v. 12mo. 1799; since reprinted in 2 v. 8vo. — Elements of General Knowledge, 2 v. 8vo. 1802. — Additions to the Elements of General Knowledge, 8vo. 1802. — Logic made Easy, or a short view of Aristotle's Method of Reasoning, 12mo. 1809. — Emily, a moral tale, 3 vo. 12mo. 1809 and 1812. — A Sketch of the Life of Henry Headley, Scholar of Trinity College, Oxford, prefixed to his Beauties of English Poetry, 2 v. 12mo. 1810. — The Beauties of Christianity, by F. A. de Chateubriand, with a Preface and Notes, 3 v. 8vo. 1812. — The Flowers of Wit, or a Collection of Bon Mots, ancient and modern, 2 v. 12mo. 1814.