Eyles Irwin

David Rivers, in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors (1798) 1:332-33.

This gentleman is a native of Calcutta and was for many years an active and most honourable servant of the East India Company. His earlier publications were St. Thomas Mount, a poem, Bedukah an Indian pastoral and Eastern Eclogues, written during a Tour through Arabia, Egypt, &c. in 1777. He published in 1780, A Series of Adventures in the Course of a Voyage up the Red Sea, on the Coasts of Arabia, and Egypt, in one volume, quarto. This entertaining volume, written in Letters to a Lady, was favourably received and has been reprinted in octavo. Mr. Irwin has also published, Occasional Epistles, in verse, during a Journey from London to Busrah, in the Gulph of Persia, addressed to W. Hayley, Esq. published in quarto, in 1784; an Ode to Robert Brooke, Esq. occasioned by the Death of Hyder Ally, published in quarto, in the same year; and The Triumph of Innocence, an ode, written in 1796, on the Deliverance of the Princess Royal of France, from the Prison of the Temple, which is but an indifferent performance.