Rev. William Lipscomb

David Rivers, in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors (1798) 1:376-77.

REV. WILLIAM LIPSCOMB, Rector of Welbury in Yorkshire, late of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and Chaplain to the Earl of Darlington. This gentleman obtained, in the year 1772, one of the Chancellor's Prizes for an indifferent Poem on the beneficial Effects of Inoculation. It was printed in a quarto volume of Poems, which he published in 1784, and republished at the request of the House Committee of Governors of the Small Pox and Inoculation Hospitals, for the benefit of that charity, having been recited at the Anniversary Festival at the London Tavern, Feb. 25th, 1793. Mr. Lipscomb has also published, The Pardoner's Tale, from Chaucer, The Case of the War considered, in a letter to Henry Duncombe, Esq. M.P. written in 1794, A second Letter to H. Duncombe, Esq. M.P. written in the following year, and The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer, completed in a modern Version, a very elegant performances, published in 1795, in three crown octavo volumes.