Rev. Robert Holmes

David Rivers, in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors (1798) 1:272-73.

REV. ROBERT HOLMES, D.D., Canon of Christ Church, Rector of New College, and Regius Professor of Poetry, in the University of Oxford. This gentleman's first publication was a single Sermon on the Resurrection, preached before the University in the year 1777; and, in the following year, he published, Alfred, an Ode, with six Sonnets. In 1782, he preached eight ingenious Sermons before the University at the Lectures founded by Mr. Bampton, which were afterward published in an Octavo volume; and, in 1788, he published, four Divinity Tracts, in an octavo volume. Since this time he has published an Ode for the Encaenia, held at Oxford, July, 1793, for the reception of his Grace the Duke of Portland, Chancellor of the University, a performance not unworthy of a Professor of Poetry; a Fast Sermon, preached before the Hon. House of Commons, in 1796; and a Latin Epistle to Bishop Barrington, respecting a Collation of the MSS of the most ancient Greek Version of the Old Testament known by the name of the Septuagint, with which object Dr. Holmes has been for many years occupied.