Gabriel Harvey

Thomas Birch, in Life of Spenser in Faerie Queene (1751) 1:iv n.

This Gentleman, who was nearly related to Sir Thomas Smith, Secretary to Queen Elizabeth, was born, according to Wood, Fasti. Oxon. Vol. I. fol. 128. at Saffron Walden in Essex, and educated at first in Christ-College in Cambridge, and afterwards became Fellow of Trinity-Hall, and Proctor of that University, where he took the Degree of Doctor of the Civil Law in 1585, and was eminent for his Writings both in Verse and Prose, in the Latin as well as his own Language. The chief of his poetical Pieces are his Musarum Lacrymae; his Gratulationum Valdensiuem Libri quatuor, dedicated and presented to Queen Elizabeth in her Progress at Audley-End in Essex in 1578; his Tyrannomastix; his Ode Natalitia; his Rameidos, and his Anticosmopolitia. He appears to have liv'd to a very great Age, and to have died in the Year 1630.