Rev. Thomas Newcomb

John Nichols, in Select Collection of Poems with Notes Biographical and Historical (1780-82) 8:300.

He was chaplain to the duke of Richmond in 1734, when he published a translation of Vellius Paterculus. The first volume of his version of Harvey in 1764 was inscribed to the right honourable Arthur Onslow and Sir Thomas Parker, the second to Lady Juliana Penn. In 1756 Mr. Newcomb published A Miscellaneous Collection of Original Poems, Odes, Epistles, Translations, &c. written chiefly on Political and Moral Subjects; to which are added Occasional Letters and Essays, formerly published in Defence of the present Government and Administration. This volume, which is a large quarto, contains an amazing number of small poems, and amongst others an imitation of the Latin poem In Amorem Tami & Infidis, (see vol. IV. p. 114): and Men and Manners characterised. Being an Imitation of Horace, lib. ii. Ode 16. and a remark that this Ode was lately imitated under the same title, and turned into a libel against the Government by a Scotch Poet. From the circumstances mentioned in the fifth volume of the present collection, p. 81, and from what Mr. Newcomb says above, perhaps the last-mentioned imitation may be inscribed to Dr. Arbuthnot.