Samuel Marsh Oram

Richard Alfred Davenport, in Chiswick British Poets (1822) 73:165.

ORAM was a native of Shaftesbury, in Dorsetshire, at which place he practised as an attorney. He died in 1793, when only twenty-six years of age. To poetry and the elegant arts he was much attached, and he devoted his leisure hours to the cultivation of them. His disposition was amiable, and he possessed the affection of his friends, and the esteem of his fellow townsmen.

The poems of Oram were published, with an introduction, in 1794, by the late Reverend Percival Stockdale, at the request of Mr. Loggan, who was a friend of the deceased poet. By Mr. Park a place was given to them in Sharpe's Edition of the British Poets. I cannot, however, rate their merit highly. They are the effusions of a cultivated and feeling mind, but they are nothing more. Nor can I perceive in them any thing to indicate that the writer would ever have risen to poetical eminence.