Rev. George Crabbe

Anonymous, "Biographical List of Living English Poets" in Gentleman's Magazine 62 (July, September 1792) 616, 798.

The Rev. George Crabbe, chaplain to the late Duke of Rutland, is author of the Library; the Newspaper, the Village, &c. all of the familiar kind, and all of peculiar excellence. He has also given a pleasing specimen of his prose, in the "Natural History of the Vale of Belvoir," which forms a part of Mr. Nichols's Leicestershire Collections. Mr. Crabbe is now rector of Muston in that county....

Mr. Crabbe was the son of a glasier, of Alborough, in Suffolk; but, on his disliking the business, his father put him under the instruction of an apothecary. In this capacity, if I am not mistaken, he wrote his first work, and was then, by the exertions of his friends and Mr. Burke's patronage, both got into orders and made chaplain to the late Duke of Rutland. Mr. Burke never heard of his name till he saw his writings, which made him take such notice of him, and very deservedly.