Rev. John Bidlake

Anonymous, in Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors (1816) 26.

JOHN BIDLAKE, D.D. Chaplain to the Prince Regent and the Duke of Clarence, and many years Master of the Grammar School, Plymouth. Being the son of a jeweller at Plymouth, he as educated at that seminary, and afterwards at Christ Church, Oxford. He was appointed Bampton Lecturer in 1811, and while in the pulpit delivering the third of his discourses, he was seized with severe indisposition which terminated in total blindness. He is now not only without preferment, but has been obliged by this misfortune to resign the curacy of Stonehouse, from which the principal part of his income was derived, and the measure of his afflictions has been filled up by a recent attack of paralysis. A statement of his case was made public in June 1813, and a new edition of his Bampton Lectures announced, in order to produce a fund for his future support. He has written [list omitted].