Rev. Sneyd Davies

Samuel Egerton Brydges, "Dr. Sneyd Davies" Censura Literaria 3 (1807) 329-30.

Dr. Sneyd Davies was a Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; Rector of Kingsland in Herefordshire, in his own patronage; and Archdeacon of Derby, and Prebendary of Lichfield, by the gift of his friend Dr. Cornwallis, afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury. He was a man of amiable character, and died 6 Feb. 1769.

His poems, scattered about in various collections, exhibit proofs of great genius, as well as learning.

In Dodsley's volumes are to be found I. Vaccina. II. Epithalamium. III. On John Whaley ranging pamphlets. IV. To a Gentleman on the Birth-day of his son. V. On two friends born on the same day. VI. To the Hon. and Rev. F. Cornwallis, against Indolence; a beautiful poem. VII. To the Rev. Thomas Taylor, D.D. VIII. To Charles Pratt, Esq. IX. At seeing Archbishop Williams's Monument in Carnarvonshire.

In Duncombe's Horace are several of his Imitations.

In Nichols's Collection are, X. A scene after Hunting at Swallowfield in Berks. XI. To the Queen of Hungary. XII. Rhapsody to Milton. XIII. A voyage to Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire from Whitminster in Gloucestershire. XIV. A Night-Thought. XV. Imitation of Horace, B. I. Ep. I. To Mr. Whaley. XVI. Song of Deborah, Judges, chap. v. XVII. Imitation of Horace, B. I. Ep. xi. XX. On the death of Mrs. M. H. XXI. On Old Camden's Picture, at Lord Camden's in Kent. XXII. On Miss Wyndham dancing a Louvre at Bath with Lord Cadogan, 1738. XXIII. On one, in love with a negro woman.