William Preston

Samuel Egerton Brydges, Obituary in Censura Literaria 4 (1807) 336

Feb. 2, 1807. In Gloucester Street, Dublin, William Preston, a man of great genius, of constant activity of mind, and of the most amiable disposition, and of whom one who, standing in the nearest relationship to him, knew him best, wrote to a friend, that "he died as he had lived, like an angel." As I am unable to give a satisfactory memoir of him, or complete list of his works, I will not attempt it, but trust his friends to assist me hereafter with a full account of him, only adding, that his Poetical Works were published together in 2 vols. 8vo. at Dublin in 1794; and that many of his later poems, full of feeling and fancy, have been printed in the Poetical Register; of which the Fifth Volume, just published, contains two or three, that will now be read with double interest. He furnished two short articles to this work.