Rev. George Gregory

Samuel Egerton Brydges, Obituary in Censura Literaria 7 (1808) 336.

March 12. At his house at West Ham, Essex, of which place he was the Vicar, the Rev. George Gregory, D.D. His death will be followed by the poignant regret of all who were acquainted with the qualities of his heart, and the treasures of his mind. To his family it will prove an irreparable misfortune. The loss of such an husband, and such a father, is among the most afflicting evils of mortality. His life was spent in the pursuit and diffusion of all the various sciences, which were immediately or remotely connected with the sacred profession, to which he belonged. As a preacher, he had long held a very distinguished rank; and few men have been so often called upon to plead the cause of charity, and charitable institutions, as himself. His writings will best exhibit the activity of his intellectual powers, and the extent of his attainments. The following are some of them: The Life of Chatterton; the History of the Christian Church; Translation of Bishop Lowth's Praelectiones de Sacra Poesi, &c.; Essays, Historical and Moral; the Economy of Nature; a Volume of Sermons; Lectures on Natural and Experimental Philosophy, published only in the last week; and a Dictionary of Arts and Sciences. He had also just finished A Series of Letters to his son, on Literature and Composition, part of which are already printed. He had for several years been employed at times in preparing Notes for the Holy Bible, his edition of which, splendidly illustrated, had been some time in preparation by his friend Mr. Phillips. The materials, it is to hoped, will be assigned for completion to some able person.