Rev. Carlos Wilcox

Charles D. Cleveland, in Compendium of American Literature (1858) 191.

CARLOS WILCOX was born at Newport, N. H., October 22, 1794. He graduated at Middlebury College, in 1813, and then entered the theological school at Andover, Mass. After preaching in various places (during which time he published several of his poetical effusions); he was settled at Hartford, in December, 1824. In consequence of ill health, he was dismissed, in May, 1826 and he retired to Danbury, where he died, May 29, 1827.

The above is all we can find of his life. Of him as a poet, his writings, though few, enable us to speak in terms of decided praise. It has been truly said that he resembles Cowper in many respects — in the gentleness and tenderness of his sensibilities — in the modest and retiring disposition of his mind — in its fine culture, and its original and poetical cast-and not a little in the character of his poetry.