Sir William Young

David Rivers, in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors (1798) 2:403.

Son of the late Lieutenant-governor of Dominica, and grandson of the late Dr. Brook Taylor. He published, in 1777, The Spirit of Athens, in an octavo volume; and, in 1786, the same work considerably enlarged, under the title The History of Athens Politically and Philosophically considered, in a quarto volume. The style of this work is incorrect, complicated, and uncouth, but it is full of imagination, reflexion, and vigour. In 1788, Sir William Young published a pamphlet on Mr. Gilbert's proposed Amendment of the Poor Laws; and he has written, since that time, The Rights of Englishmen, a pamphlet; and a Letter to Mr. Pitt on the subject of Poor Houses and Work Houses. A Speech on the Slave-trade, delivered by him in Parliament, in 1791, has also reached the press; and he had edited, an prefixed a Life of the author, to Contemplatio Philosophica, a posthumous work of Dr. Brook Taylor, printed in an octavo volume, but not published.