John C. M'Call

Samuel Kettell, in Specimens of American Poetry (1829) 2:314.

John C. M'Call is a native of Philadelphia, and received an education for the bar, but we understand is not at present engaged in practice. He is known as the author of The Troubadour, The Condottier, Fleurette, and other small poems. The first named of these is the only one we have had an opportunity of seeing. It has many passages of rich and graceful description, which dispose us to think highly of the author's poetical talent. We must add, that this poem is marked by some of the strangest metrical anomalies that have ever come in our way. Mr. M'Call we are informed, writes only for amusement, and does not seem to bestow the necessary attention upon the more mechanical department of poetry. We should be gratified to see him put forth his strength upon a work of higher character, with a studied and preserving effort.