John Norden

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) 1:450-51.

JOHN NORDEN, was born of a genteel Family, but in what County, unless in Wilts, I cannot tell, became a Commoner of Hart-hall in 1564, and took the degrees in Arts, that of Master being compleated 1573. This Person I take to be the same John Norden who was Author of these Books following, some of which I have perused, but therein I cannot find that he entitles himself a Minister of God's word, or Master of Arts [list omitted]. This John Norden lived at Hendon near to Acton in Middlesex in most of the Reign of King James I. being patronized in his studies by, or as some say was Servant to, Will. Cecill Lord Burleigh, and Rob. Earl of Salisbury his Son. I take him to be the same John Norden Gent. that most skilful Chorographer, who hath written Speculum Britanniae, or, an Historical and Chorological description of Middlesex. Lond. 1593. in about 7 sh. in qu. And of A Chorographical description of Herefordshire. Printed much about the same time in 4 sh. in qu. He was one of the Surveyors of the King's Lands, A. D. 1614.