Thomas Spence

Anonymous, Obituary in Gentleman's Magazine 84 (September 1814) 300, 85 (March 1785) 286

Sept. 8. Mr. Thomas Spence, author of several Political tracts, &c. In private life he was social and just, and his writings evince an earnest desire to benefit mankind....

The late Mr. T. Spence devised and published a plan, by which all human kind could be provided with sustenance without pauperism. In 1801 he met with a state prosecution, was convicted, and endured a year's incarceration, and was also subject to a fine, of which he ever after boasted, and used to say it would be the means of one day ushering his doctrines into universal notice. His remains were attended by a numerous throng of political admirers. Appropriate medallions were distributed, and a pair of scales preceded his body, indicative of the justice of his views. One of his friends made an oration over his grave, illustrative of his public and private qualities.