Rev. Percival Stockdale

Anonymous, in Catalogue of five hundred Celebrated Authors (1788).

A clergyman. Mr. Stockdale is a veteran of the press. He commenced his literary career in the character of a poet, having published in 1764 Churchill Defended, a poem, and the Constituents, a poem; and in the year 1769 a translation of Aminta, a pastoral drama, from the Italian of Tasso. Mr. Stockdale translated for the booksellers the Antiquities of Greece of the Abbe de Bos; and the Customs of the Antient Nations in two volumes by the Abbe Sabathier. At a more recent perios our author has given to the world Three Sermons on Luxury, Dissipation, and Universal Benevolence; Sermons on Various Subjects in one volume octavo; an edition of the Poems of Waller in duodecimo; An Inquiry into the Nature and Laws of Poetry; An Essay on Education; An Essay on Misanthropy; Miscellanies in Prose and Verse in duodecimo; Three Poems on sir Ashton Lever and Mrs. Siddons; and Ximenes, a tragedy. Mr. Stockdale has never been a popular writer, and his miscarriage has been somewhat unfortunate. He is paradoxical, without being ingenious; he is new, without the faculty of invention; and he possesses the true poetic melancholy, without one particle of poetic imagination.