James Pettit Andrews

Anonymous, "James Petit Andrews" European Magazine 30 (September 1796) 155.

Of this Gentleman, whose life has been usefully devoted to the service of the Publick, a short account has been already given in our Magazine for September 1789, p. 172, to which we refer our Readers. Since that period, Mr. ANDREWS has produced a very useful, entertaining, and accurate work, entitled The History of Great Britain connected with the Chronology of Europe; with Notes &c. containing Anecdotes of the Times, Lives of the Learned, and Specimens of their Works, 4to. formed partly on the plan of Henault's French History, and containing a great fund of important information. This First Volume, containing the period from Caesar's Invasion to the deposition and death of Richard II. was published in 1794; and the second, from the last period to the accession of Edward the VIth, in the subsequent year. Both Volumes have been well received by the Publick.

Since the publication of the last work, we have heard that Mr. Andrews proposes to continue Henry's History of England, from the period at which death put an end to that Historian's labours. In the execution of this work we think the Publick interested, and therefore wish it every success.

On the institution of the new Police, Mr. Andrews was appointed one of the Commissioners for the District of Queen's Square and St. Margaret's Westminster, and continues at this time to employ himself in the duties of that laborious and useful office.