William Duncombe

John Nichols, in Select Collection of Poems with Notes Biographical and Historical (1780-82) 6:1-2n.

Younger son of John Duncombe, esq. of Stocks in Hertfordshire. In 1722 he published a translation of Racine's Athaliah, which was well received by the publick, and has gone through three editions. In 1724 he was editor of the Works of Mr. Needler; in 1735 of the Poems of his deceased brother-in-law Mr. Hughes, in two volumes, 12mo; in 1737 of the Miscellanies of his younger brother Mr. Jabez Hughes, for the benefit of his widow, in one volume, 8vo; and in 1745 of the Works of the Rev. Mr. Samuel Say, in one volume, 4to. In 1726 he married the only sister of John Hughes esq. whom he long survived. In 1734 his tragedy of Lucius Junius Brutus was acted at Drury Lane Theatre; see Letters of Eminent Persons, vol. III. p. 144. It was published in 1735, and again in 1747. The Works of Horace, in English Verse, by several Hands, were published by him in two volumes 8vo. with notes, &c. in 1757. A second edition, in four volumes 12mo. with many imitations, was published in 1762. In 1763 he collected and republished Seven Sermons by Archbishop Herring, on public Occasions, with a biographical Preface. He died Feb. 26, 1769, aged 80; leaving one son, John, M.A. one of the six preachers in Christ-Church, Canterbury, &c. who was his assistant in the translation of Horace; and to whom I acknowledge myself indebted, not only for these poems and the portrait of his father, but for much useful assistance in this and other publications.