Judith Cowper Madan

George Coleman and Bonnell Thornton, Poems by Eminent Ladies (1755) 2:136.

Mrs. MADAN, (formerly Miss COWPER) is the Wife of Colonel Madan, a Lady, who, among her other excellent qualities, has fine talents for poetry. The following original pieces will, we doubt not, make the reader long for more by the same hand, with which indeed we should be glad to oblige him: but this Lady, notwithstanding her extraordinary genius, could never yet be prevailed on to commit any thing to print. A very affecting tenderness runs through the whole epistle from ABELARD, and whether we consider the numbers, diction, or sentiments, it is certainly much superior to all those pieces that have appeared on the same subject: and indeed this Lady's ABELARD is no mean companion to Pope's ELOISA.

The curious reader will perhaps look on it as an odd accident, that ELOISA'S Letter should have been put into metre by a man, and that ABELARD'S should at length come to us in elegant verse from the hands of a Lady.