Rev. Thomas Gibbons

Anonymous, Obituary in Gentleman's Magazine 55 (February 1785) 159.

22 February. In Hoxton-square, aged 64, the rev. Tho. Gibbons, D.D. 41 years pastor of a congregation of Protestant Dissenters in London. In the sacred services to which his early and his latest years were devoted, he was respectable, zealous, and useful: in the intercourses of private life, he was serious, amiable, and benevolent. As a Christian teacher, preferring the venerable language of scripture to the distinguishing phrases of a party, it was his constant solicitude (under the influence of Heaven) to form his hearers to the knowledge and practice of piety, by an animated display of the sublime discoveries, and the peculiar obligations, of their holy faith. As a private citizen, the many who valued his friendship, and who will long cherish his remembrance, have beheld him, in the various engagements and vicissitudes of life, exemplifying all the graces of the Christian character. To say more, might seem superfluous; to say less, would be unjust.