Richard Lewis

D. J. O'Donoghue, in Poets of Ireland (1912) 251-52.

RICHARD LEWIS. — The General Election, a poem addressed to Charles Domvill, Esq., Dublin, 1768, 8vo; A Picture of the Times, a poem, in which are delineated the characters of the most celebrated personages in Ireland, etc., Dublin, 1768, 8vo; Elegy on Dr. Richard Chaloner Cobbe: — A True Picture of the Times, being a defence of the character of the Irish nation, from the misrepresentations of Mr. Lewis, in his poem, etc. in a letter to a gentleman, Dublin, 1768, 8vo.

The latter piece was a reply to his own poem. Apparently the "Peter Pounce, Esq." who published The Robin Hood Society, a satire with notes variorum (London, 1756, 8vo), was Lewis. He published a guide to Dublin (1787), and abridgment of Smollett's Roderick Random (1791), Candid Philosophy, or Free Thoughts on Men, Morals, and Manners (2 vols., Dublin, 1778), and wrote for The Sentimental and Masonic Magazine, Dublin, 1792-95, where he is styled "corrector of the press," and for Walker's Hibernian Magazine, 1773, at which time he was about to publish his poems by subscription. He was, I think, an Englishman. The prologue to G. E. Howard's Female Gamester is by him.