Hannah More

Anonymous, "Memoirs of Miss Hannah More" New London Magazine 5 (December 1789) 567.

Miss More, a lady eminent in the literary world, is a native of the city of Bristol, and for some time superintended the education of young ladies at a boarding-school, which she kept there. The first efforts of her genius were shewn in a pastoral written for the performance of her pupils, and some prologues and epilogues spoken by the actors who performed at Bristol in the summer season. At length she aspired to the higher species of the drama, and wrote a tragedy on the subject of Regulus, which was performed at Bath, a few times, but long after its publication. To this piece Mr. Garrick wrote an epilogue, and probably at this time she became acquainted with that gentleman and his family. By his assistance, and under his patronage, she produced the tragedy of Percy, acted at Covent-Garden with success. She has since brought out another tragedy, called the Fatal Falshood, which drew her into an altercation with Mrs. Cowley, who insinuated that she had pilfered from a play then in manuscript, written by her. Since the death of Mr. Garrick, Miss More has resided chiefly with his widow, who has conceived a friendship for her, equally honourable and advantageous to either party.