Rev. Thomas Cogswell Upham

George and Evert Duyckinck, in Cyclopedia of American Literature (1856; 1875) 1:917.

The Rev. Thomas C. Upham, the author of several works on mental and moral science, was appointed Professor of Mental Philosophy and Ethics in 1824. He held this office till 1867, discharging also the duties of an instructor in the Hebrew language. He is the author of The Elements of Mental Philosophy; of a Treatise on the Will; of a volume of a practical character, entitled Outlines of Imperfect and Disordered Mental Action, published in 1843; and a series of works unfolding the law of Christianity from its spring in the inner life, which bear the titles Principles of Interior or Hidden Life, and the Life of Faith. In illustration of this development of purity and holiness, Professor Upham was led to a close study of the writings of Madam Guyon, which has resulted in the publication, in 1855, of two volumes from his pen, entitled, Life and Religious Opinions of Mother Guyon: together with some account of the Personal History and Religious Opinions of Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray; and in 1859, A Method of Prayer. His Mental Philosophy was revised in 1869. Four years later appeared Absolute Religion. He died April 2, 1879.