Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna

D. J. O'Donoghue, in Poets of Ireland (1912) 457.

CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH TONNA. — Osric, a Missionary Tale, and other poems, Dublin, 1825 (?), 8vo (several editions); Izram, a Mexican Tale, and other poems, New York, 1845, 12mo; Posthumous, and other Poems, London and Thames Ditton, 1846, 16mo; The Minor Poems of C. E., Dublin, 1848 (?), 16mo.

Well-known authoress of two vigorous Orange songs — "The Maiden City" and "No Surrender." She was a voluminous writer of tracts and missionary works for Dublin Tract Society. Born in Norwich on October 1, 1790, being the daughter of the Rev. Michael Browne of that city. Married first a Captain Phelan, but was soon separated from him, and secondly a Lewis Hippolytus Tonna (assistant-director of the United Service Institution, who is called "Rev." in Julian's Dict. of Hymnology). She lived in Kilkenny and other parts of Ireland for many years, and was deeply in love with it. She died on July 12, 1846. She generally wrote over the signature of "Charlotte Elizabeth," and her real name was not widely known. She edited several religious publications. Her life has been written by Mrs. C. L. Balfour.