Thomas Rymer

Robert Chambers, in Cyclopaedia of English Literature (1844; 1850) 1:527.

THOMAS RYMER, a distinguished historical antiquary, is the last of his class whom we shall mention at present. Having been appointed royal historiographer in 1692, he availed himself of the opportunities of research which his office afforded him, and in 1704 began to publish a collection of public treaties and compacts, under the title of Foedera, Conventiones, et cujuscunque generis Acta Publica, inter Reges Anglia et alios Principes, ab anno 1101. Of this work he published fifteen volumes folio, being assisted in his labours by Robert Sanderson, another industrious antiquary, by whom five more were added after Rymer's death in 1715. The "Foedera," though immethodical and ill digested, is a highly valuable publication, and, indeed, is indispensable to those who desire to be accurately acquainted with the history of England. Fifty-eight manuscript volumes, containing a great variety of historical materials collected by Rymer, are preserved in the British museum.