Patrick J. Meagher

D. J. O'Donoghue, in Poets of Ireland (1912) 306.

PATRICK J. MEAGHER. — Zedechias, a Hebrew Tale, and other poems, Cork, 1827.

A native of Bantry, born in 1810, and a contributor to Bolster's Magazine and other Cork periodicals. Became a special correspondent in France and Spain of The Times, and joined the volunteer army organized in 1835 for the support of the Infanta of Spain. Was a Captain and Paymaster of the force, and a Knight of the San Fernando and a Knight of San Carlos. In 1837 he married Mdlle. Adelaide de Brumont, of Bayonne, and went to London at the end of the Carlist Rebellion, and wrote for various papers on Spanish subjects. Later, he became Madrid correspondent of The Times, and in 1856 was transferred to Paris. In 1869 he was superannuated, and in 1880 he died at Bayonne. He called himself O'Meagher in his last years. See J. C. O'Meagher's book, "The O'Meaghers of Ikerrin." See for poems of his and references, Bolster's Magazine for 1827, and Dublin and London Magazine for same year, page 637. He is referred to in the "Life of J. T. Delane," the famous Times editor.