Geoffrey Whitney the Younger

Anthony Wood, Athenae Oxonienses (1690-91; 1721) ed. Bliss (1815) 1:527.

GEFFRY WHITNEY, descended from those of the name of Whitney in Herefordshire, the son of a father of both his names, was born in Namptwich in Cheshire, spent some time in this university but more in another, and whether graduated I cannot tell: of this I am sure, that as the Latins have had these emblematists Andr. Alciatus, Reusnerus and Sambucus, so in England we had these in the reign of qu. Elizabeth, Andr. Willet, Thom. Combe, and the said Geff. Whitney, who hath devis'd and published,

A choice of Emblems and Devices. Leyden 1586 in two parts, in qu. for the most parte gathered out of sundrie writers, and by him Englished and moralized.

Fables and Epigrams. Printed about the same time as the former, in qu. and every page hath a picture wrought from a wooden cutt. What other things he hath published I cannot tell, nor any thing else of him, only that he was living at Leyden in fifteen hundred eighty and six, at which time he was in great esteem among his countrymen for his ingenuity.