George Whetstone

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 391-93.

GEORGE WHETSTONE wrote The rocke of regarde, 1576, 4to. in 4 parts: 1. The castle of delight. 2. The garden of unthriftiness, 1576. 3. The arbour of vertue. 4. The ortchard of repentance; wherein is reported the miseries of dice, the mischiefes of quarelling, and the fall of prodigality, 1576, 4to. Some pieces of his poetry are, likewise, intersperse'd in his Heptameron of civill discourses, 1582: reprinted under the title of Aurelia, 1593. Mister Bindley has A mirror of treue honour and christian nobilitie, exposing the life, death, and devine vertues, of the most noble, and godly lorde Frauncis earle of Bedford, baron Rusell, &c. who deceased at Bedford house, the xxviij of June, 1595. Aetatis suae 58. Whereunto is adjoyned a report of the vertues of the right valiant and worthy knight S. Frauncis, Ld. Rusell, sonne and heire apparent of the honour and good giftes of the sayd right noble earle, who upon a daye of truce was slaine, by a treacherous stratageme of the Scots, the 27 day of the said month of June. The report of George Whetsone, gent. a faithfull servaunt of the sayd right honourable earle: printed by Rd. Jones, 1585, 4to. — 90 seven-line stanzas, and epitaph. See, also, catalogue of pamphlets in the Harleian library. His intitials (G. W.) are subjoin'd to certain lines "in praise of Gasgoine and his poesies," prefix'd to that authors Flowers, 1575. His name appears to a copy of verses before Kendalls Flowers of epigrams, 1577; and an epitaph, by him, on sir Philip Sydney, is printed in A true discourse historicall, of the succeeding governours in Netherlands, &c. Translated and collected by T. C. (Churchyard) esquire, and Ric. Ro. (Robinson): printed for Mat. Lownes, 1602. 4to.