Robert Baron

Giles Jacob, in Poetical Register: or the Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets (1719) 12-13.

This was a Young Gentleman, who liv'd in the Reign of King Charles I. and the Interregnum of Oliver. He was first bred at Cambridge, and afterwards was a Member of the Honourable Society of Gray's-Inn. He wrote three Dramatick Pieces.

I. Deorum Dona; a Masque, perform'd before the King and Queen of Cyprus. It is part of a Romance written by the Author, call'd The Cyprian Academy, printed at London, 1647. And Mr. Langbain tells us, that part of this Piece is borrow'd from Mr. Waller's Poem to the King on the Navy.

II. GRIPUS and HEGIO, or The Passionate Lovers; a Pastoral, consisting of Three Acts only, and borrow'd a great Part from Waller's Poems. Webster's Dutchess of Malfy, and the aforesaid Romance. The Author was but Seventeen Years of Age, when he compos'd that Romance.

III. MIRZA; a Tragedy was acted in Persia in the last Age. This Tragedy was printed at London, and Dedicated to the King. It was accounted by his Friends a good Play, and recommended by them to the World by several Copies of Verses. The Plot is taken from Herbert's Travels, and for most of the Scenes and Language he seems to have consulted Ben. Johnson's Cataline. Sir John Denham wrote his Play call'd The Sophy on the same Subject, and about the same Time.