Edward Howard

Gerard Langbaine, in Account of the English Dramatick Poets (1691) 274-75.

A Gentleman, (as I suppose) now living, who has addicted himself to the Study of Dramatick Poetry: how well he has succeeded therein, I shall leave to the Readers judgment, who may find four Plays of his, under the Titles of

Man of New-Market, a Comedy acted at the Theatre-Royal, and printed 4to. Lond. 1678.

Six Days Adventure, or The New Utopia, a Comedy acted at his Royal Highness the Duke of York's Theatre; printed 4to. Lond. 1671. This Play miscarried in the Action, as the Author himself acknowledges in his Preface; and indeed that sharp Wit, the late Earl of Rochester, writ an Invective against it; but the Ingenious Mrs. Behn, Mr. Ravenscroft, and other Poets of the Age, sent the Author Recommendatory Verses, which are printed with the Play: and in return he writ a Pindarick to Mrs. Behn; which she gratefully publisht in a Collection of Poems, printed 8vo. Lond. 1685.

Usurper, a Tragedy, acted at the Theatre-Royal by his Majesties Servants, and printed 4to. Lond. 1668. Whether the Author design'd in the Caracter of Damocles, to personate Oliver Cromwel, and intended his Play, a paralel of those Times, I leave to more discerning Judgments.

Womens Conquest, a Tragi-comedy, acted by his Royal Highness the Duke of York's Servants, and printed 4to. Lond. 1677. This I take to be the best Play our Author has publisht.

Besides these Plays Mr. Howard hath publisht an Epick Poem, in octavo, call'd The British Princess; which the late Earl of Rochester has likewise handled severely. There is ascrib'd to him, another Book of Poems and Essays, with a Paraphrase on Cicero's Laelius, or Tract of Friendship, printed in octavo London 16—.