Charles Cotton

Charles Gildon, in Lives and Characters of the English Dramatick Poets (1699) 26-27.

A Gentleman of a good Family in Staffordshire, who has written many Originals besides Translations, but nothing with more Success than his Burlesque on Virgil, in Imitation of the French Scarron; among the rest, he translated one of Corneille's Plays, called,

Horrace, T. 4to. 1671. This Play has been translated by Two other Hands, viz. Sir William Lower, and Mrs. Katherine Phillips; but this has been accounted equal to Madam Phillips's Translation, and far to exceed that Version of Sir William Lower. For the Plot, consult Livii Hist. Lib. 1. L. Florus, Lib. 1. C. 3. Cassiodorus, Dionysius Hallicarnassus, &c.

This Author has publish'd (besides this Play) divers other Pieces; as a Volume of Poems on several Occasions, 8vo. 1689. The Compleat Angler, being a Second Part of that Book on the same Subject written by Mr. Isaac Walton, 8vo. 1676. in which Book are excellent Instructions how to Angle for a Trout or Grayling in a clear Stream. The Wonder of the Peack, a Poem, 8vo. 1681. Scaronides, or Virgil Travestie, a Mock Poem on the 1st and 4th Books of Virgin's Aeneis, 8vo. 1678. And one more attributed to him, tho' his Name not thereto, called, The Scoffer Scoft; which are several of Lucian's Dialogues put into Burlesque Verse, Printed 8vo. 1675.