Rev. George Croly

Frederic Boase, Modern English Biography (1892-1921) 1:766.

REV. GEORGE CROLY. b. Dublin 17 Aug. 1780; ed. at Trin. coll. Dublin, scholar 1798, B.A. 1800, M.A. 1804, hon. LL.D. 1831; came to London about 1810; dramatic critic to the New Times; took charge of parish of Romford, Essex 1832-35; R. of St. Benet Sherehog with St. Stephen's, Walbrook, London 1835 to death; afternoon preacher at Foundling hosptial 1847-48; wrote poems in the Literary Gazette from 1817; edited The Graces 1824, The Literary Souvenir 1825-34; author of Paris in 1815, 1817; The Beauties of the British poets 1828; Tales of the Saint Bernard 1829; Salathiel, A story of the past, the present and the future 1829, new ed. 1855; The life and times of George the Fourth 1830, 2 ed. 2 vols. 1841; Divine providence, or the three cycles of Revelation 1834; A memoir of Edmund Burke 2 vols. 1840; Historical sketches, speeches and characters 1842; Marston, or the soldier and statesman 3 vols. 1846, 3 ed. 1861; Scenes from Scripture with other poems 1851; The book of Job 1863, and numerous other books and single sermons. d. suddenly whilst walking in Holborn, London 24 Nov. 1860. bur. St. Stephen's, Walbrook where a bust of him was placed. The book of Job by Rev. G. Croly with a biographical sketch by his son 1873; a few personal recollections of Rev. G. Croly by Richard Herring 1861; James Grant's Metropolitain pulpit 1, 239-56; G. Gilfillan's A second gallery of literary portraits (1850) 145-59; GM x. 104-7 (1861); I. L. N. [Illustrated London News] iv. 248 (1844), portrait, xxiv, 401 (1854), portrait.