John Payne Collier

Frederic Boase, Modern English Biography (1892-1921) 1:677-78.

JOHN PAYNE COLLIER (son of John Dyer Collier of London, writer on the press 1762-1825). b. Broad st. London 11 Jany. 1789; reporter on The Times 1809-21, on the Morning Chronicle 1821-47; summoned before House of Commons 15 June 1819 for misreporting a speech of Joseph Hume, and committed to custody of the serjeant-at-arms; barrister M.T. 6 Feb. 1829; deputy licenser of plays; a founder of the Camden Society 1838; sec. of Royal commission on British Museum 1847-50; accused of having committed many literary frauds in connection with Shakespearian and other documents; granted civil list pension of £100, 30 Oct. 1850; author of Criticisms on the Bar, by Amicus Curiae 1819; printed privately and anonymously The Poet's Pilgrimage 1822; published a new ed. of Dodsley's Old Plays 12 vols. 1825-7; Punch and Judy 1828, anon.; History of English dramatic poetry and annals of the stage 3 vols. 1831, new ed. 1879; Shakespeare's Library 2 vols. 1843; Shakespeare's Works 8 vols. 1844, 6 vols 1858; Notes and emendations to the text of Shakespeare's plays from the folio in the possession of J. P. C. [i.e. the Perkin's folio] 1853; The works of Edmund Spenser 5 vols. 1862. d. Riverside, Maidenhead 17 Sep. 1883. bur. Bray churchyard 20 Sep. J. P. Collier's An old man's diary 4 parts 1871-2; Wheatley's Notes on the life of J. P. Collier 1884; Literary Cookery 1855, anon. by E. A. Brae; Antiquarian Mag. iv, 272-5 (1883); I. L. N. [Illustrated London News] lxxxiii, 309 (1883), portrait; N. E. S. A. Hamilton's Genuineness of Collier's Annotated Shakespeare 1860.