Rev. William Branwhite Clarke

Frederic Boase, Modern English Biography (1892-1921) 1:636.

REV. WILLIAM BRANWHITE CLARKE. b. East Bergholt, Suffolk 2 June 1798; ed. at Dedham gr. school and Jesus coll. Cam., B.A. 1821, M.A. 1824; presented to a living in Dorset 1833; chaplain to Bishop of Salisbury 1837-9; V. of St. Thomas's, Willoughby, N.S.W. 1846 to 1 Oct. 1870; made geological researches in N.S.W. 1839 to death; ascertained auriferous nature of the country 1841; ten years before the popular date of 1851; voted sum of £1,000 by legislature of N.S.W. 1853 but £5,000 was afterwards given to him; F.G.S. 1826. Murchison medallist 1877; F.R.S. of N.S.W. 1867; F.R.S. 1 June 1876 in recognition of his discovery of gold in Australia; author of Lays of leisure 1822; Recollections of a visit to Mont Blanc 1839; Remarks on the sedimentary forations of N.S.W., 4 ed. 1878 and of many scientific papers. d. North Shore, Sydney 17 June 1878. Journal and proc. of Royal Soc. of N.S.W. xiii, 4-23 (1880); Therry's Reminiscences, 2 ed. (1863) 363-8; Proc. of Royal Soc. xxviii, 1-4 (1879); Quarterly Journal of Geol. Soc. xxxv, 44-6 (1879); Phillips's Mining and metallurgy of gold and silver (1867).