William Jerdan

Frederic Boase, Modern English Biography (1892-1921) 2:85.

WILLIAM JERDAN (son of John Jerdan, farmer d. 1796). b. Kelso, Roxburghshire 16 April 1782; clerk to C. Elliott writer to the signet, Edinb. 1802-05; editor of the Aurora, the hotelkeepers' paper, London 1806 and of other papers 1806-13; while a reporter witnessed murder of Spencer Percival and was the first to seize Bellingham 11 May 1812; editor of the Sun 11 May 1813 to May 1817; editor of the Literary Gazette from No. 26 July 1817 to 28 Dec. 1850; chief founder of Royal Soc. of literature 1823; F.S.A. 1826; lost his money on failure of Whitehead's bank 1808 and in the panic of 23 March 1853; author of Six weeks in Paris or a cure for the Gallomania by a late Visitant 3 vols. 1817, 2 ed. 1818; National portrait gallery of illustrations and eminent personages of the nineteenth century 5 vols 1830-4; The Autobiography of W. Jerdan 4 vols. 1852-3; Men I have known 1866; a contributor to Notes and Queries under name of Bushey Heath. d. Bushey Heath, Herts. 11 July 1869. Fraser's Mag. i 605-06 (1830), portrait; Reg. and Mag. of Biog. ii 94-5 (1869); Maclise Portrait gallery (1883) 1-4, portrait; Lord W. P. Lennox's Celebrities 2 Ser. ii. 35-52.