Dr. David Macbeth Moir

Frederic Boase, Modern English Biography (1892-1921) 2:913-14.

DAVID MACBETH MOIR (son of Robert Moir d. 1817). b. Musselburgh near Edinburgh 5 Jany. 1798; studied medicine in Edinburgh, M.R.C.S. 1816; partner with Dr. Brown at Musselburgh 1817 and in practice there to death; wrote jeux d'esprit in Blackwood's magazine, also essays and serious verse over the signature [delta]; wrote for Fraser's magazine and other periodicals; author of The bombardment of Algiers and other poems 1816, anon.; The legend of Genevieve, with other tales and poems 1824; The autobiography of Mansie Wauch 1828; Outlines of the ancient history of medicine 1831; Proofs of the contagion of malignant cholera 1832; Domestic verses 1843; edited The works of Mrs. Hemans 7 vols. 1839. d. King's Arms inn, Dumfries 6 July 1851. bur. at Inveresk, statue by Ritchie erected at Musselburgh 1854. m. 8 June 1829 Catherine Bell of Leith, she was granted civil list pension of £100, 6 Oct. 1853. The poetical works of D. M. Moir. Ed. by Thomas Aird 2 vols. Edinb. (1852), memoir i pp. xv-cxxxii, portrait; Blackwood's Mag. Aug. 1851 pp. 249-50; Fraser's Mag. Sep. 1833 p. 290, portrait; Maclise Portrait gallery (1883), portrait.