Robert Shelton Mackenzie

Frederic Boase, Modern English Biography (1892-1921) 2:632.

ROBERT SHELTON MACKENZIE (2 son of Kenneth Mackenzie, captain in the army, author of books in Gaelic). b. Drew's court, Limerick 22 June 1809; apprentice to an apothecary in Cork 1822 and passed his medical examination 1825; opened a school at Fermoy 1825; newspaper reporter; editor of a newspaper at Hanley, Staffs. 1829; wrote memoirs for The Georgian Era, London, 1830-1; editor of Liverpool journal; English correspondent of New York Evening Star 1834-51, being the first European correspondent for the American press; editor of a railway journal, London 1845; official assignee in commissioner Skirrow's bankruptcy court, Manchester, dismissed from office 25 Oct. 1852; went to U.S. of America 1852; book and foreign editor of Philadelphia Press 1857; LL.D. of Glasgow univ. 1834; author of Lays of Palestine 1828; Titian, a romance of Venice 3 vols. 1843; Partnership en commandite 1847; Mornings at Matlock 3 vols. 1850; Life of C. Dickens 1870; Sir Walter Scott, the story of his life 1871; compiled, edited, and issued many works in America 1854-71. d. Philadelphia 30 Nov. 1880. Law Times 30 Oct. 1852 pp. 66-7.