Charles Swain

Frederic Boase, Modern English Biography (1892-1921) 3:840.

CHARLES SWAIN (son of John Swain). b. Every street, Manchester 4 Jany. 1801; clerk in a dye house 1816-30; joined firm of Lockett and co. engravers and lithographers, Manchester, purchased a part of their business which he carried on to his death; hon. professor of poetry at Manchester royal institution; granted civil list pension of £50, 1 Dec. 1856; author of Metrical essays on subjects of history and imagination 1827, 2 ed. 1828; Beauties of the mind, a poetical sketch, with lays historical and romantic 1831; Dryburgh abbey, a poem on the death of sir Walter Scott 1832, new ed. 1868; The mind and other poems 1832, 5 ed. 1870; Memoir of Henry Liverseege 1835, reprinted 1864; Cabinet of poetry and romance 1844; Rhymes for childhood 1846; Dramatic chapters, poems and songs 1847, 2 ed. 1850; English melodies 1849; Letters of Laura D'Auverne, with other poems 1853; Art and fashion, with other sketches, songs and poems 1863; Songs and ballads 1867. d. Prestwich park, near Manchester 22 Sept. 1874. C. Swain's Collected poems (Boston, U.S. 1857) portrait; Manchester literary club papers 1, p. 96 (1875) portrait; J. Evans's Lancashire authors and orators (1850) 260-68; Graphic x 367 (1874) portrait.