Thomas Clio Rickman

Mark Anthony Lower, in The Worthies of Sussex: Biographical Sketches (1865) 339-40.

THOMAS RICKMAN, more commonly know by the self-adopted alias of "Clio" Rickman was born at Lewes in 1760. He lived for many years in Marylebone Street, London, where he carried on the trade of a bookseller. He published two volumes of poems, besides various occasional pieces. His habits, manners, and personal appearance were very peculiar, and it has been said that he was the original from which the well-known comic character of "Paul Pry" was drawn. His verses never surpass mediocrity, and often descend to the bathos. He died in 1834, aged 74. The Rickmans, as a family, do honour to the county of Sussex, where they have been resident for several centuries. Mr. Joseph Rickman, a native of Lewes, was father of THOMAS RICKMAN, Esq., the eminent Architect, born at Maidenhead in 1776 — a gentleman who by his very tasteful and intelligent application of Gothic architecture did more towards the revival of that beautiful style than any other person. The latter, after writing a very able treatise on the subject, and after having built, in nearly every county of England, churches which do honour to his architectural ability, died at Birmingham in 1841.