John Nichols

David Rivers, in Literary Memoirs of Living Authors (1798) 2:82-83.

JOHN NICHOLS, F.S.A. EDINB. AND PERTH, a celebrated Priner, and Deputy of the Ward of Faringdon-Without. He is a most indefatigable Antiquary; but is, perhaps, more to be commended for his industry in collecting materials, than for his judgement in discriminating their value. His publications have been, a Collection of Poems with biographical and historical Notes, in eight small octavo volumes, of which the first four were published in 1780; Bibliotheca Topographia Britannica, in eight volumes, quarto, published in numbers, of which the first appeared in 1780; Biographical Anecdotes of Hogarth, in an octavo volume; biographical and literary Anecdotes of William Bowyer, the celebrated Printer, (to whom Mr. Nichols had been apprentice, partner, and successor), in a quarto volume; the Progresses and public Processions of Queen Elizabeth, in two volumes, quarto; and the History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester, to be completed in four volumes, folio, but of which a part only has yet been published. Mr. Nichols was also the editor of Bishop Atterbury's miscellaneous Correspondence, and of the familiar Correspondence of Sir Richard Steele. He is the present conductor of the Gentleman's Magazine.