Thomas Blenerhasset

Joseph Ritson, Bibliographia Poetica (1802) 132-33.

THOMAS BLENNERHASSET wrote The seconde part of the mirrour for magistrates, conteining the falles of the infortunate princes of the lande. From the conquest of Caesar, unto the commyng of duke William the conquerour: printed by Richard Webber, 1578. 4to. b. l. By The authors epistle unto his friende, dated the 15. daye of Maye, 1577, he appears to have study'd at Cambridge, where he had translated Ovid De remedio amoris; and to have writen these legends at Guernsey-castle. This "seconde part" was intended to connect the "first" and "last" parts, by Higins, and Baldwine and others. It contains 12 legends or tragedys, viz. those of Guidericus, Carasus, queen Hellina, Vortiger, Uter Pendragon, Cadwallader, Sigebert, lady Ebbe, Alurede, Egelrede, Edricus, and king Harolde. He afterward settle'd in Ireland, and appears to have been liveing in 1610. See Warres Writers, by Harris (333), who says he dye'd about the begining of the reign of Charles the first.