Horace Walpole

Isaac Reed, in Biographia Dramatica; or, A Companion to the Playhouse (1782) 1:463.

HORACE WALPOLE. This gentleman is still living. He is the youngest son of the celebrated minister Sir Robert Walpole, afterwards earl of Orford, by his first wife Catherine Shorter; and was born about the year 1715 or 1716. He received his education at Eton, where he became intimately acquainted with our late poet Mr. Gray, with whom, in the years 1739, 1740, and 1741, he made the tour of France and Italy. He was chosen member for Callington in Cornwal, in the parliament which met on June 25, 1741; for Castle Rising, in Norfolk, in 1747; and for King's Lynn in 1754 and 1761; at the end of which session he declined all further parliamentary business. He is usher of his majesty's Exchequer, controller of the Pipe, and Estreats in the Exchequer. His own numerous performances, as well as the many excellent works of others, which he has generously thrown into the common stock of literature, have justly entitled him to every various kind of praise that a grateful public could bestow. He is the author of a tragedy, entitled,

The Mysterious Mother.
Printed at his own private press at Strawberry Hill, 8vo. 1768. but not published.