Rev. Walter Harte

John Wilson Croker, Note in Boswell, Life of Johnson, ed. Croker (1831) 1:378n.

Walter Harte, born about 1707, A.M. of St. Mary Hall, in Oxford, was tutor to Lord Chesterfield's natural son, Mr. Stanhope, and was by his lorship's interest made Canon of Windsor; he died in 1774. Some doubt is thrown in the Biographical Dictionary on the dates of his birth and of some of his earlier publications, from a Walter Harte having graduated A.M. in 1720; but they were clearly not the same persons: there were, as Dr. Hall informs, no less than four Hartes who might have been living at the same time, viz. Walter Harte, Pemb. Coll. A.M. 5th May, 1674; Thomas Harte, Pemb. Coll. A.M. 19th Ap. 1681; Walter Harte, Pemb. Coll. A.M. 30th June, 1720; and Walter Harte, St. Mary Hall, A.M. 21st Jan. 1730: the latter was doubtless the poet and historian; the first Walter was probably his father; who the other two Hartes were does not appear; but the date of 1730 for the historian's degree of A.M. removes all the difficulties started in the Biog. Dictionary.