John Scott of Amwell

Joseph Smith, in A Descriptive Catalogue of Friends' Books (1867) 2:550, 552.

John Scott of Amwell, in Hertfordshire, was the Son of SAMUEL and MARTHA SCOTT, and was born in the year 1730, in Grange Walk, Burmondsey, London. His father was a draper and citizen of London, but he afterwards in the year 1740 settled at Amwell, and for some time carried on the Malting Trade. On the 1st day of the 11th month, 1770, he was married at Ratcliff Meeting House, London, to his second wife, Mary De Horne, daughter of Abraham De Horne, and at Ratcliff Cross he he had a house where every year he spent some time occasionally.... He died, the 12th of the 12th month, 1783, at his own house at Ratcliff, and on the 18th of the same month his remains were interred in Friends' burying-ground there. He was aged nearly 54 years.