John Richard Digby Beste

Frederic Boase, Modern English Biography (1892-1921) 4:387.

JOHN RICHARD DIGBY BESTE, (son of Henry Digby Beste of Mavis Enderby, Lincolnshire 1768-1836), originator of modern Tractarian doctrines). b. 26 April 1806; educ. Stonyhurst college; author of Trans-Alpine memoirs; or anecdotes and observations, showing the actual state of Italy and the Italians. By an English catholic, 2 vols. 1826; Transhenane memoirs 1828; Cuma: the warrior bard of Erin and other poems 1829; Satires and The beggar's coin, a poem, 2 ed. 1831; Rondeaulx: from the French black letter 1838; Odious comparisons; or the cosmopolite in England. 2 vols. 839; The Pope: a novel. By an old author in a new walk, 3 vols. 1840; Isidora: or the adventures of a Neapolitan. A novel. By the old author in a new walk, 3 vols. 1841; The beggar's coin: or love in Italy 1845; The Wabash: or adventures of an English gentleman's family in the interior of America, 2 vols. 1855; Modern society in Rome: a novel, 3 vols. 1856; Alcazar: or the dark ages: a novel, 3 vols. 1857; Nowadays: or courts, courtiers, churchmen, Garibaldians, lawyers and brigands at home and abroad, 2 vols. 1870. d. 1885. Gillow's English Catholics (1885) 203; Kelly's Handbook (1882), (1887) 328.