Rev. Thomas Dudley Fosbroke

Anonymous, "The Rev. T. D. Fosbrooke" A New Biographical Dictionary of 3000 Cotemporary Public Characters (1825) 2:122.

This gentleman completed his education at Pembroke College, Oxford, and took his degree in 1792. Mr. Fosbrooke obtained the living of Horsely in Gloucestershire; and, acquiring distinction by his researches, was elected a fellow of the Antiquarian Society. He has since removed to Ross in Herefordshire, where he enjoys some clerical preferment, and conducts a seminary for the education of a select number of pupils. His works are, "The Economy of Monastic Life as it existed in England, a poem, with Philosophical and Archaelogical Illustrations, 1795; "British Monachism," 2 vols. 8vo. 1802; "Abstracts of Records and Manuscripts respecting the Courts of Gloucester," 2 vols. 4to. 1807; "Letter to Mr. Canning on the uncandid Abuse of the Duke of York," 1809; and "A Key to the New Testament," abridged from Whitby, 1815. Mr. Fosbrooke is also the author of many papers in the Monthly and Gentleman's Magazines; and he has recently published "Berkeley Anecdotes, with a History of the Castle and Parish of Berkeley;" and also the First Part of an Encyclopaedia of Antiquities.