Anne Grant

Anonymous, "Mrs. Grant" A New Biographical Dictionary of 3000 Cotemporary Public Characters (1825) 2:253-54.

MRS. GRANT was born in 1756, at Glasgow, and is the daughter of a British officer, of the name of Campbell. When a child, she was carried to America by her father, who was in a regiment, stationed for a considerable time in the back settlements, among the Mohawks. On his return, in 1763, he brought his wife and daughter with him. He afterwards, in 1733, settled near fort Augustus, in the Highlands, where, in 1779, Miss Campbell was married to the reverend Mr. Grant, minister of Laggan, by whom she had a numerous family. He died in 1803, and then, to procure the means of providing for her children, she commenced authoress, and has published, "The Highlanders, and other Poems, 8vo. 1803;" which has reached a third edition. "Memoirs of an American Lady, 1808," 2 vols. 12mo.; "Letters from the Mountains," 3 vols. 1808, which has reached a fourth edition; "Essays on the Superstition of the Highlands of Scotland," 2 vols. 18mo. 1811; "Eighteen Hundred and Thirteen, a Poem, in two parts, 1814;" and "Popular Modals and Impressive Warnings, for the Sons and Daughters of Industry," 2 vols. 1815. All her works have merit, and have been well received.