Charles Dibdin

Anonymous, "Mr. Charles Dibdin" A New Biographical Dictionary of 3000 Cotemporary Public Characters (1825) 2:503.

MR. CHARLES DIBDIN, son of the late well known Charles Dibdin, has been long a proprietor, and lately a manager, of Sadler's Wells theatre, for which he has written numberless songs, and the undermentioned theatrical pieces: Claudina, a Burletta, 1801; Goody Two Shoes, a Pantomime; Barbara Allen; and The Old Man of the Mountain. He is also author of Mirth and Metre, Poems; Song Smith, or Rigamarole Repository; and many other productions. Indeed, the ingenuity of the gentleman who write for the minor theatres must be constantly at work, and the readiness with which they dramatise some of the simplest stories is really surprising; for no sooner has a novel of Sir Walter Scott's been perused in the closet, than we find a dramatic piece on some of the principal events in rehearsal, and often two or three, for each of these theatres keeps an author or more in pay.